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He's walking, headed from work to Cissie's even though he's not sure if she's in. He probably ought to make a habit out of texting her before he leaves, so he's not stuck wondering if he's gonna end up sitting outside of High Gate Terrace waiting for her to come home. He could always drop in on Jesse while he waits, but they're not exactly the best of mates and Chris doesn't know if he'd be alright with it, in the end.

Either way, that's the plan for the evening, and he thinks he'll see if she wants to get take away or something.

At least, it's the plan before he glances up from his phone and sees Eduardo in a shop as he passes. It doesn't even occur to him what sort of shop it is before he walks in and sees all the displays of jewelry and rings and stuff.

"But my birthday's not for fuckin' months," Chris teases, walking up to Wardo as he looks at one of the displays.

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Jul. 4th, 2014 09:23 pm
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He thinks maybe he shouldn't turn up for work today, only he's got the closing shift and it'd be a bit shit to just not go. He doesn't know who'd end up closing down the store instead, and taking the night off just 'cause he's seen someone with Jal's face.

He should be done with this by now. It's been fuckin' years.

Only, he can't get her face out of his head now: the way she used to sometimes grin at him, even the way she'd shout at him for fucking up. He's in love with someone else now, he's not doubting that at all, but somehow he didn't realize how much he missed her until he was looking at someone with her face.

Chris is so distracted remembering earlier that he's not paying as much attention as he should, stacking some DVDs for display, and somehow manages to knock the lot of them over, and they go sliding down the aisle.

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When he wakes up, there are still people on his floor, still drunk from the night before, and there's a notice on his door.

He's been evicted, effective today.

Chris stares at the notice for long time, standing there in his doorway with the sun and cold streaming in, still barefoot and shirtless from the night before. It's not as if he hasn't been through this a few times before. Though, something tells him that this time, it's got more to do with the fact that he hasn't paid rent since he turned up.

Turns out, the landlord's threats of chucking him out weren't just a load of wank after all.

Who knew?

He hasn't got a lot of stuff that's his own: a few shirts and some trousers, the tee-shirt from Cassie and the gold coin that was Jal's, and it doesn't take him long to pack it all up in a rubbish bag and head out. It's probably better if he does it early on, before the landlord comes by to make sure it's done personally, and before he can sort out the damage that's been done to his flat because of the party.

There are a few bottles of something leftover from the night before— and to be honest, he's a bit annoyed at the fact, fuckin' Darrow wankers— and he grabs one and starts to walk.

It's a liquid breakfast this morning, apparently.


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