fuck_it: (pic#6665486)
Chris Miles ([personal profile] fuck_it) wrote2014-07-04 09:23 pm
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Dated 07/01

He thinks maybe he shouldn't turn up for work today, only he's got the closing shift and it'd be a bit shit to just not go. He doesn't know who'd end up closing down the store instead, and taking the night off just 'cause he's seen someone with Jal's face.

He should be done with this by now. It's been fuckin' years.

Only, he can't get her face out of his head now: the way she used to sometimes grin at him, even the way she'd shout at him for fucking up. He's in love with someone else now, he's not doubting that at all, but somehow he didn't realize how much he missed her until he was looking at someone with her face.

Chris is so distracted remembering earlier that he's not paying as much attention as he should, stacking some DVDs for display, and somehow manages to knock the lot of them over, and they go sliding down the aisle.


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