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It's not the best gig Chris has ever been to, but considering it's on a fuckin' Monday and not on a weekend, he didn't really expect much. But it's been fuckin' ages since he's been to one not at The Phoenix, and even longer since he's gotten completely off his head at one.

There's a break in the music, and he's gone to the bar near the back of Hideout for another beer, only when he turns around, he bumps right into someone, half of his beer sloshes over the top of the plastic cup and right onto the bloke.

"Shit! Sorry, man," Chris says, though he's in such a good mood tonight that even having lost most of his drink isn't about to ruin it. He's not so sure about the other guy's chances for an alright night now, though.
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"Really? Really?" Reggie asks nobody in particular, hands up as beer drips down his shirt. This is it. This is life in a nutshell, right here. Alone at a concert on a Monday night, covered in beer: The Reggie Mantle Experience.

Finally, all he can really do is sigh. "Hey man, it's cool. Accidents happen, right?" Especially to him.
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Reggie's really not much of a drinker, and he's just grumpy enough to want to decline out of hand, but he's also just self-aware enough to know that giving in to those impulses is a surefire way to make his mood even worse, and he relents.

"Well, I... To heck with it, sure, why not? Thanks."

This guy's going to be needing a new drink anyway, and Reggie can grab some napkins at the bar. Improved situations all around.