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Chris Miles ([personal profile] fuck_it) wrote2015-02-23 04:56 pm
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He's walking, headed from work to Cissie's even though he's not sure if she's in. He probably ought to make a habit out of texting her before he leaves, so he's not stuck wondering if he's gonna end up sitting outside of High Gate Terrace waiting for her to come home. He could always drop in on Jesse while he waits, but they're not exactly the best of mates and Chris doesn't know if he'd be alright with it, in the end.

Either way, that's the plan for the evening, and he thinks he'll see if she wants to get take away or something.

At least, it's the plan before he glances up from his phone and sees Eduardo in a shop as he passes. It doesn't even occur to him what sort of shop it is before he walks in and sees all the displays of jewelry and rings and stuff.

"But my birthday's not for fuckin' months," Chris teases, walking up to Wardo as he looks at one of the displays.

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