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Maybe there are some people who'd think it's a bit backwards that he and Cissie haven't really had a proper date, a proper dinner since they got together, but people have always thought of Chris as a bit backwards anyway. It's not that having dinner at Olive and Wardo's didn't count, because it does, only it sort of doesn't all at the same time.

Either way, Chris is dead set on remedying all of that tonight.

He's not a good cook, by any definition of the word, but he's dead set on giving it a go.

Though, when there's a knock at the door, he's got flour on his face and in his hair, and something in the oven's burning.

"It's unlocked!" Chris shouts, and really, he wanted to be done by the time Cissie turned up, but right now he'll settle for keeping his flat from bursting into flames.
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Maybe she and Chris haven't really done things in the proper order but that so didn't matter at all. The important thing was that they had found each other and were having an awesome time. Anyone who got judgy about it could just go get eaten by furbies.

Cissie knocked at Chris's door and on hearing that the door was open, Cissie shifted the bouquet of flowers over so they wouldn't get crushed and stepped inside.

Something was definitely burning and she quickly put the flowers on the nearest table. "Hey, everything okay?"