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A little while back, Chris found himself in one of Darrow's bookshops. He hadn't meant to go in, but there'd been this fuckin' amazing display in the window, stacked high with books on flowers, and before he knew it, his face was pressed up against the window, while he tried to figure out how they got it to do that without toppling over.

He went in to ask someone-- the manager or something-- but got distracted, by, of all things, a book on Darrow records. He bought it without a second thought, and spent the rest of the night reading up on Darrow's biggest sandwich and the longest someone in Darrow's stayed awake and the biggest sandcastle.

It ain't even that big, really.

Which is why Chris is spending his day off on the beach today with a couple of those sand buckets, a couple of little shovels and loads of sand. He reckons with a couple hours work, he can manage to beat it. Ten feet isn't even all that tall, when you think about it.

Alright, so maybe he'll have to get a ladder, near the end, but for now, he's got his mound of sand, and he's adding to it, the indentations in the sand his bare feet make getting deeper the longer he digs.

This is gonna take most of the afternoon.
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It's summer, so it's not as if he's the only one building a sandcastle on Darrow's beach – but he does look to be the only one making a serious effort to reach the sky with his. Abby's made more than her fair share living so close to a beach for most of her life and so, though it's probably really not her place to intervene, she heads on over. "It'll hold better if you add water," she tells him. "A lot of it."
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"Maybe if you dig deep enough you'll hit the water table," Abby quips, glancing down at hole, a little relieved that he's not annoyed at her for disrupting his digging. Gesturing at one of the free buckets, she nods out at the ocean. "If you want me to go collect you some, I'll be here for a while."
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"...oh it's not literally a table," Abby says, a little startled. She's no scientific wünderkind herself, but she's pretty sure they covered the water cycle in elementary school. "It's, like, ground water? You know, way underneath the sand or dirt and whatever. They tap wells into it."
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"Oh, uh, not that far," Abby says after a moment. She remembers digging closer to the surf with her sister, trying to race to reach the water at the bottom before the tide washed the whole thing away. It stings a little, the memory, but she's grown awfully good at hiding it behind a smile. "Since the ocean's right over there, I mean. But, yeah, the damper the sand the better. The dry stuff'll just collapse in on itself."
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"Sure," Abby says with a breath of a laugh, a little relieved that he hasn't just gone ahead and dismissed her help. She's a total stranger, after all, people are well within their rights to be weirded out by things like this. Grabbing the bucket, she starts for the edge of the water before remembering her manners, looking back over her shoulder. "Oh, and I'm Abby, by the way."
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It's not long before Abby's returned with couple buckets of water, admittedly on the smaller side. Putting them within reach of him, she crouches on the sand and considers Chris' question. "Uh, not really. I mean, not anymore. I grew up in Montauk so I made them all the time at the beach with my sister, though."
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"Yeah, it's in New York, riiight at the end of Long Island," Abby says, nodding. She's met enough people that haven't even heard of America that it's kind of a relief to not have to explain that much. She'd never known how much she'd taken modern geography for granted until she turned up in this place. He sounds he's from somewhere in England, maybe, but Abby decides not to make any assumptions. "What about you? Did you turn up from somewhere else, too?"
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"Oh, yeah, I know a few people who lived there before here," Abby says, nodding, wondering what that would have been like for her. Darrow holds the familiarity of any major city, so it's easy enough to forget that she's trapped, sometimes. Regardless, her life is infinitely better than it was back home, lonely and always lingering on the past. "Which do you like better?" she asks, genuinely curious.
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"Oh, yeah, I'll bet," Abby says, nodding, although she kind of likes her job. That's less about the money, though, and more about having something to do. If she really wanted for nothing but the basics, she could easily live on the money that randomly turns up in her bank account every month without fail. "So you work somewhere, here, then?"